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Author Topic: UNID Spanish Speaking Pescadores 6999 kHz USB 0600+ UTC 13 April 2017  (Read 450 times)

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The 6999 kHz crowd is back and much stronger than they were last time I heard them. 

OM talking about his Honda engine on his boat.  SIO 444 at peaks.  Both stations peaking nicely at S5-S6.  Frequent references to "barca" (boat).  One of the two stations has large amounts of wind noise and background engine noise in his mic.  Sounds like fishermen - pescadores!  But instead of half a dozen stations talking at once a la 6925 kHz LSB...there are only two stations on this frequency (at least right now). 

Since they're using 6999 USB, the peaks of their SSB signals easily make it past 7000 kHz to 7002 kHz...making them official intruders on 40 meters [dramatic music] lucky for them the closest CW signal (at least during the time the fishing boats were chatting on 6999 kHz) was at 7006 kHz.
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