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Author Topic: 6707 kHz USB - Asian Japanese Fishery Radio? 0738+ UTC 22 April 2017  (Read 4621 times)

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R4002:  Very cold here this morning, they predict a possible snow fall tonight, gave the radio a good going over after the football finished;

6.707MHz nothing noted on the actual frequency at all, although weak CW was on 6.709MHz around 1030z.

6.900MHz  again, nothing noted on that, except for the Asian shortwave station "warming up" around 1030z, lowered powered Taiwanese station.

8.076MHz very lively this morning, very business like with no local chit chat or joking. Starts spot on 2100z, same lady on base as yesterday, speaks the local language very fluently.  As usual she kicked things off with the "Reading for today" a quote from the bible. She had traffic on hand for A-575, A-573 and A-547.  The latter checked in, just readable, A-547 male operator and judging by the accented English was a PNG local, they reverted to local language when traffic passed.  They are using two frequencies but I missed what she said..."Are you hearing me on....? Getting you better on 8.076." Also thought I heard the word "Diocese" mentioned which would indicate Catholic church network.

So no luck with the other frequencies at all.  Also noted that 8.439MHz USB quiet last two nights, normally activity there, "Kompanyeea" precedes the calls, probably Greek or Cypriot military. Brief chat then gone.

Likewise 8.047MHz USB gone quiet with aero traffic, I seem to think it was Indonesian military with a special operation frequency.  Traffic was in English but heavy Indonesian accent.

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The search continues.  So 6900 AM is a regional (Taiwanese) frequency?  Because the Spanish speaking stations on 6900 LSB are an almost daily thing.  Its possible that you're just not in a good spot for them - as they're regional as well.

I wonder if 6707 USB was some sort of a fluke.  But keep listening and I will too :D
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