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Author Topic: UNID Spanish Language 6708 kHz USB 0100+ UTC 2 May 2017  (Read 313 times)

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Spanish language speaking stations on 6708 kHz USB / 6.708 MHz USB.  

At least three different stations heard, considerably weaker than traffic heard in the 6900-7000 kHz range at the same time, indicating that these stations are possibly coming from a different enough location.  As Old Time Radio is readable on 6770 kHz AM, I will deduce that lower-power stations are still able to make it "out" tonight - which would probably explain the busier higher frequencies.  I know this is Spanish, but unfortunately it is too weak and obscured by the just-now-returning thunderstorm and lightning QRN noise static crashes :(  Heard a mention of "California" at 0107 UTC followed by a mention of Juarez (presumed reference to the city in Mexico).  

SIO 111 or so.  Several stations talking, but no sign of them talking over each other like the usual pescadores do.  Doesn't mean they're not fishermen though, especially considering how far away they are from the usual freeband nets on 6900 LSB and nearby frequencies.  

Tuned back in at 0118 UTC.  Stations still chatting away, signal strength has not improved like it has on the 69xx frequencies. 
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