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Author Topic: 7.553MHz USB M95?  (Read 982 times)

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7.553MHz USB M95?
« on: May 10, 2017, 2219 UTC »
Last night I was tuned to 7.553MHz looking for M95 Chinese Military CW "XSV70" runner but instead heard a Chinese lady announcing what appears to be numbers in a four minute loop, hence a repeat and so on.

My notes and jottings here have 7.553MHz as M95 Chinese Military CW with the format "XSV70 NR CK" etc.

Any of the Chinese Military fans clarify on this one?

The previous night I logged a new one by way of M89 Chinese Military with 5.801MHz CW "v DKG6 DKG6 DKG6 de 3A7D 3A7D" at 1207z 3X1 report at best, very fast CW too, faster than normal for the M89 stations.

These M89 stations must be scattered over a vast area of China as 8.060MHz and 3.777MHz CW "M8JF" formats are always strong where some of the others are either not heard at all or a very weak.

I have noted many times that Chinese voice chatter has also been heard on some of these M89 CW frequencies too.
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Re: 7.553MHz USB M95?
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2017, 1848 UTC »
M95 has a voice sister station, called V26.  It also has a digital sister station that has no specific ENIGMA ID but uses the Chinese 4+4 digital modem.

These stations will run back to back, so you might hear the digital modem, and then a few minutes after that ends you might hear M95, and then a few minutes after that ends you might hear V26.

I do not know if they always do so, but I have seen the same data sent by each, first on the 4+4, then on M95, then on V26.

These stations are typically on three frequencies at one time.  4283 // 7553 // 9153 (or 8073) might be used as a set, and another might be 4243 // 7345 // 9054.  Sometimes M95 is on frequency, sometimes it is shifted 1 kHz up or down as if in either USB or LSB modes.  Typically the voice and digital signals are in USB.  However the station does make relatively frequent mistakes in modes, for example I have seen the three frequency set each using a different mode, so that at one time LSB, USB, and AM was in use, each on a different one of the three freqs.

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