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Author Topic: Russian G06 "German Lady" number station at 6887 kHz (long message)  (Read 9809 times)

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Russian G06 "German Lady" number station at 6887 kHz (long message).

I have noticed that this station tends to start anywhere from 20-30 seconds, and even up to a minute earlier than the time that is listed in the Priyom schedule, hence the reason why I missed the first couple of seconds of the transmission start. (I won't get fooled again...).

This was a much longer transmission than what I have heard and recorded since I began monitoring this station.

Another difference noted is that near the end of the transmission, the number sequence drops from the standard five-number groups and signals the end with one three-letter group, then a two-letter group, then signs off with, "null, null."

Full recording HERE