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Author Topic: Civil Air Patrol / CAP Net 4636 kHz USB 0040-0055 UTC 18 May 2017  (Read 720 times)

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Red Dragon 3710 working White Peak 4 [or possibly White King 4], calling another station for relay.  The third station's suffix is "52" and they have a roger beep or end-of-transmission EOT beep. Sort of reminds me of a Civil Air Patrol net, possibly a military net though.  Extremely strong static crash QRN at 0048 UTC.  EDIT:  Some quick Googling reveals this is a known CAP frequency.  

0048 UTC - "any other stations wishing to check in?"
0049 UTC - White Peak 81 checking in.
0049 UTC - "this net is shut down now, something-something 52 out"
0050 UTC - tuning up sounds (carrier squeal) followed by several beeps
0052 UTC - repeat of transmission heard at 0050 UTC
0053 UTC - weak transmission heard "Red Dragon 3710, test, test [carrier tone]...Red Dragon 3710 test [carrier tone] [beep]"
0055 UTC - more of the same (Red Dragon 3710 transmitting tones, carriers, etc) - probably tuning up radio or testing
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White Peak is the New York Wing. Red Dragon is the New Jersey Wing. :)
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