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Author Topic: 6900 kHz USB and LSB Spanish Language 6 June 2017  (Read 457 times)

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6900 kHz USB and LSB Spanish Language 6 June 2017
« on: June 06, 2017, 0235 UTC »
Freebanders or outbanders, operating below 40 meter ham band.  6900 kHz or 6.900 MHz, both LSB and USB mode are active this evening (started listening around 0225 UTC, it is now 0233 UTC).  June 6th, 2017.

Hearing a station from California working a much weaker station on 6900 kHz USB, while 6900 kHz LSB is home to our usual friends (Spanish language speaking freebanders searching for better propagation since 11 meters is a closed band at the moment).  Cesar and other operators chatting away on 6900 LSB, often referring to each other by first name rather than callsign or "handle".  Standard 43 meter chatter (basically the same thing as the various 11 meter freeband nets).  Stations checking in to informal "net", saying hello "good evening" is the de facto greeting, giving signal reports, location or QTH information, and radio transmitter working conditions and equipment discussion...then another station comes on and continues.  Seems like if two stations want to have a longer or more in-depth QSO, they simply flip up to 6900 USB, or QSY to another nearby frequency.  Several references to "California" on both 6900 kHz LSB and 6900 kHz USB.  

6900 LSB is by far much more active than 6900 USB, however the similarities in accents and signal strengths leads me to believe the stations operating on 6900 USB simply "QSYed" by flipping the mode switch from LSB to USB.  The usual QSY frequency of 6895 kHz is also very busy.  Not sure why 6905 kHz is quiet, but its always possible its busy and I'm just not hearing anything.
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