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Author Topic: 6905 kHz LSB Spanish Speakers vs. US Military Traffic 6903 kHz USB 7 June 2017  (Read 306 times)

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6.905 MHz LSB / 6905 kHz LSB (see also: logs for 6.903 MHz USB / 6903 kHz USB for US mil HF traffic)

High power US military Emergency Action Messages on 6903 kHz USB have been heard on and off all evening (east coast US time) on 6903 kHz USB (see the Utility forum for logs on this dated 6 and 7 June '17)...but now that 6903 is quiet, 6905 kHz LSB has suddenly come alive.  11-meter like chatter, talking about coax cable connectors and antenna design.  Very ham radio like radio traffic.  Professional net-like "roundtable" communications style, these freeband operators are putting some licensed American hams to shame.  See also, 6900 kHz LSB.
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