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Author Topic: 27635 kHz / 27.635 MHz Truckers 11 Meter DX Skip Bootleggers 12 June 2017  (Read 900 times)

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Hearing two truckers talking about other vehicles around them (with repeated mentions of "gumbo") on 27635 kHz AM - 27.635 MHz AM a/k/a CB channel 19 up one band 27.185 MHz + .450 MHz = 27.635 MHz (see also, 26.735 MHz AM, which is channel 19 down one band).

Tuned in at 2217 UTC, basically nonstop chatter...now talking about the motors in various trucks in standard transmissions vs. automatic transmissions "automatic is just faster".  At 2220 UTC, another (third?) party joined the QSO, not sure if they're local to the other two stations talking or if the truckers are working skip themselves.  Given the frequency choice, I think they're close to each other and simply flipped the band switch up one to find a clear channel...as the real channel 19 is probably close to unusable right now. 

Stations will talking with SIO 333 or so (decently readable with some minor fading but lots of static high noise level).  Stations were still chatting away at 2223 UTC when I tuned away from this frequency.
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