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Author Topic: 26.815 MHz AM - 26815 kHz AM Freeband 11 Meter Net 22 June 2017  (Read 1163 times)

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Two OMs with southern accents chatting away on 26.815 MHz AM, one of them is working a "2-pill" (2 transistor) amplifier and was requesting a signal report with and without the amplifier on.  Discussion of another amplifier and now talking about weather issues, discussion of vortex on the radar and atmospheric instability.  Given the current weather situation and the accents of the operators, my guess is somewhere in the central USA.  

Stronger of the two stations is showing a S6-S7 on my Taiwan built Superstar 3900 [Ranger / RCI EPT3600-11Z main PCB board or chassis, an older version of the famous EPT3600-14B board] meter, the other is barely moving the needle.  At 1859, propagation either rapidly changed, now another station showing CX800 or 3CX800, reference to a station "Tin Man" and a station in Texas with another amplifier.  Second (weaker) station suddenly just as strong as the other station.  

1900 UTC - "you ain't talked to anybody else but Tin Man, or anybody else out there?"
1900 UTC - "I talked to Canada, [faded away]"
1900 UTC - "10-4" "I reckon you straighten him out" followed by the swooshing sound of somebody tuning up (or spinning a VFO, or a tube amplifier warming up)
1901 UTC - QSO continuing, weaker station's handle / callsign "Termite Man"
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