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Author Topic: Truckers outside CB band 26.105 MHz AM 26105 kHz AM 29 June 2017  (Read 840 times)

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26.105 MHz AM 26105 kHz AM 26105 AM 26.105 AM trucker channel band B channel 4 channel 4B B4 etc.  Whatever you call it, its another mystery of the 11 meter freeband. 

Truckers talking about taking an exit, that stupid m*therf*cker that cut me off, "somebody going around the fenceline", "going across 70, you wanna take that offramp..." "well that's just a whorehouse" "can a guy catch a ride on a tuna boat" "you're gonna come back smellin' like fish" sounds like 3-4 conversations going at once with lots of QRM and heterodyne squeals at points.  "that one down in the Mercedes I can see her *****" "me and John K" "where the hell do you think you're going?" "that's a different truck today!" and lots of other unidentified one-liners.  "I'm going from Memphis to St. Louis" "where the hell is that?" "shorter lead than you'd think" "looks like somebody blocking that shoulder some sort of highway truck" etc etc

Basically nonstop traffic on this frequency which is interesting because its sort of off by itself (there's only a handful of other active channels in the "B" band - that is, 26055-26505 kHz or 26.055-26.505 MHz.  But, for whatever reason, 26.105 AM seems to be one of the more popular trucker channels outside the legal band. 

It's channel 4 down two bands.  Channel 4 down one band is 26.555, which is an active Spanish language calling channel in LSB mode, so that would explain why they avoid that, and channel 4 up one band is 27.455, which is also an active Spanish language calling channel in USB mode...so that gives us 26105 or 27905 (channel 4 down two bands and up two bands respectively).  I've heard traffic on 27905 AM and 27915 AM so that checks. 

For whatever the reason, it seems like whenever the band is open, 26.105 MHz AM is active with wall-to-wall trucker chatter. 
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