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Author Topic: 27.455 MHz - 27455 kHz QRM AM vs. USB vs. LSB 30 June 2017  (Read 870 times)

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Hearing lots of stuff at once on this frequency.  US-based stations coming out of the deep south on 27.455 LSB, with the usual Spanish speaking traffic on 27.455 USB.  Mixing in with that is sporadic AM traffic that sounds like truckers.  Of course, once the AM carrier is dropped, you can hear both (or all three) QSOs at the same time.  The stations on USB and LSB are roughly the same signal strength, the AM signal considerably weaker (which goes along with the trucker with 10-20 watt export radio theory).

Of all of the modes on 27.455 MHz this morning, 27.455 USB is the busiest, as it is more or less 27.555 USB for Spanish speakers.
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