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Author Topic: Strong AM Signals 26.875 MHz AM 26875 kHz AM "88 Alabama" working DX 30-JUN-17  (Read 721 times)

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Tuned in at 1545 UTC/1145am local time

Station putting out a very loud AM signal on 26875 AM, mentioned working conditions as a Galaxy 88 with a Varmint 150 driver into a Heathkit SB220 and a "homemade ground plane 18 feet tall" working stations in Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, Florida and several other locations all on 26.875 MHz AM.  Very powerful AM signal 10-12 kHz wide doing a solid S9 signal level.  Now several stations replying to station IDing as 88 Alabama, working Bartender, Switchblade and several numerical callsign or handle number stations, including 2408 Mobile and other mobile stations. 
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