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Author Topic: Uncle Bob Radio 6925U  (Read 981 times)

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Uncle Bob Radio 6925U
« on: September 19, 2010, 0100 UTC »
6925 USB
0035z: Mix of music, sound fx, voices, Uncle Bob hollering "Need pirate radio" "Ain't got tubes it ain't worth a s**t!" "Uh, hello?"
0050z: "Beer is a main's drank and thar's many diff'rent kinda beer" (I remember this one from last fall's Sycko retrospective show using some of his earliest material - good stuff).
0055z: "This is Uncle Bob Radio", followed by Dueling Banjos
0058z: "They should make drinking an Olympic Event", "Uncle Bob can drink a lotta beer", "Gotta take a piss... out here at Al's (Owl's?) Lodge... this is one hell of a radio show..."
0106z: Sounds like sign-off, local RFI here starting to interfere.  Sounds like Sycko talking about digging into his pirate's chest of old tapes and mixes.  "Not much of it makes it on air because there's a lot of screw ups... actually playing a tape now, don't know what it is".  (It's pretty good, is what it is!)
0109z: Sudden audio drop and intermittent audio.

Good signal peaks, some fades to noise level but generally clear.

Update: I'm pretty sure this was a relay of a show from the archives. I remember hearing this show back in the autumn of 2009, along with Sycko discussing how the Uncle Bob character evolved over the years. Excellent show, enjoyed hearing it again.
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Re: Uncle Bob Radio 6925U
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2010, 0104 UTC »
0104z "Catch y'all next year Uncle Bob is outa here ..."

0107z Uncle Bob ...

"... flip it around and listen to ...

"For your enjoyment ... cadillac and rifle shells sittin next to ya ... this is crazy ol' Uncle Bob ... can't see three feet in front of me ... so this your Uncle and I'll see ya late"

0116z Thought more was coming by op comments, sounded like VOX was tripped a couple times ... ahhhh .. back on air.

"This is AREA 51 ..."

0118z "Area 51 is on the air ... ha ha ha ha ... "

Related; source of the "Uncle Bob" pgm - http://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,3621.msg7552.html#msg7552
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