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Author Topic: Currently Active Beacons  (Read 22346 times)

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Currently Active Beacons
« on: January 02, 2013, 2108 UTC »
As it can be confusing to keep track of the various active unlicensed beacons by reading the various messages, I thought it would be useful to keep an up to date message as a "sticky" at the top of this forum. These are for unlicensed (read not legal) beacons. Ham, Part 15, and military beacons are not included. 

As new beacons are discovered, or old ones disappear, this message will be updated. If you think a change is needed to a beacon status, or to suggest an additional beacon, post a message as a reply to the chat thread: https://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,68701.0.html


Recently Reported Beacons:

2008.4 dasher sends about 17 dashes/min, each 1 sec long, cycles on and off

2018.3 dasher sends about 48 dashes / min, each 0.22 sec long, cycles on and off

2097 A, Fairly high power, an easy target even out east.

4070.3 GT

4070.3 ZT

4086.7 dasher sends about 8.7 dashes / min, each about 1.7 sec long

4094 dash rate is 60 per second when it speeds up to the 100 per min that is a signal that a CW message will soon follow.

4095.9 "Phallaxy" was "Viking" 24/7, 50 mW, On for 4 seconds, off for 3 seconds

4096.0 "Coxie" Slow dasher, about 4.5 seconds, 700 mW, Joshua Tree NP, daytime only with dead battery

4096.2 R

4096.35 Haystack 24/7, 3 second dash, new beacon as of Oct 2015, 200 mW Off air, may be relocated

4096.87 "Marin Dit", 24/7  5-10 mW, harmonic of 8193.77 radiates better

4098.3 ZN, repetition 4.4 seconds, drift to ~4103 kHz daytime

4100.05 H, repetition 3 seconds

4102.74 Windy sends W followed by dits for the wind speed, every so often it sends TMP and the temperature, then B and the battery voltage.

4106.86 About a 2 sec dash followed by a 5 sec space

4175 Z

5644  Y and 2 second dash

6398.50  25W CW. Half Wave Dipole Antenna. Located in Germany. 24/7 operation. Sends its name "Common and Precious" and additional information (like a locator).

6626.3 "Rocky" a "buzzer-beacon" located in Inyo, Co, CA with about 300 mW output, fast dasher, about 120~150 DPM - daytime only, first on-air Spring 2007

6626.2 "Rainy" - Mojave NP, CA - daytime ditter/chirper in Mojave NP, 1.5 watts, first on-air March 2003

6668.0 "L" beacon, about 9.3 secs apart, or 6.5 times / min, hearing extra leading dit

6700.5 "HexY2k" Joshua Tree NP, daytime only, 100 mW to inv. vee, 150 mW first on-air 29 Dec. 1999

7000.0 "Itchy" Ditter, 0.21 seconds long, sent every 1.39 seconds.

7000.65 "Stumpy" Ditter, about 0.17 seconds long, sent every 22 seconds.

7039.4 "T" beacon  OK0EPB sends a marker each second, a longer one at the minute, and callsign.

7998.3 "Shorty" sends 18 dashes starting every minute.

7998.9 Ditter, dits about 0.15 secs long, about every 0.6 secs, or about 100 dits / min

8000.35 Very long period dasher, 40 or 50 seconds. Sometimes sends a broken dash that sounds more like an A or AE.

8001.2 New beacon as of Dec 20, 2015, 5 second period, frequency 8001.2 - 8001.6

8009.7 "Hiker", Dit rate is 100 per min.

8193.7 "MarinDit" - 24/7 in Marin County, CA - about 80 dits/min. 10-15 mW only - on-air since spring 2000 (an "attic beacon"), this is the second harmonic

8200.15  D, repetition 3 seconds

8498.5 Fast Dasher dits are about 0.14 sec long, and about 0.6 sec apart, or about 100 dits / min

8500.3 Slow Dasher

10237.73 kHz, 5W CW. Half Wave Dipole Antenna. Located in Germany. 24/7 operation. Sends its name "Common and Precious" and additional information (like a locator).  CURRENTLY OFF AIR

10238.18 "Hiker", Dit rate is 100 per min.

26510 kHz 8W CW. Located in Germany. 24/7 operation. Sends its name "Common and Precious" and additional information (like a locator). Common and Precious III


13 MHz Part 15 allocation: 13.553-13.567 MHz shall not exceed 15,848 microvolts/meter at 30 meters.

13562.90 kHz "RR-dash" beacon is located in the northern Mojave Desert of Calif. with approx. 10 mW to an inverted-L antenna.


DOA beacons due to battery failure in need of battery replacement

Beacons No Longer In Operation:

2025.1 "Inyo Dark Ditter" 67 dits/minute.  Night-only, about 2 watts output to inv. vee on granite rock-pile. (s.w. USA in Calif.) - QRT

4079.6 "TMP" beacon

4089 Death Valley Ditter "Scotty Beacon" suddenly QRT Nov. 2011

4094.5 "X" beacon, about 6.8 sec between letters - reported still active January 2016

4096.24 "Hexie" 24/7 1 second-long dashes, 24/7, Joshua Tree NP, 400 mW on since Dec. 1997

4096.6 "Kelsie" Mojave NP

4097.25 "Inyo Whooper" daytime-only, about 90-chirping dashes/min. 3/4 watts. First on April 2007.

5205.3 "Sally" diter beacon in the Saline Valley, CA - east-facing solar-panel so mainly morning only (a daytimer). 1/2 watt.  First on-air Feb. 2006. Now Off Air.
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