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Author Topic: An apparent new Biafra station  (Read 1723 times)

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An apparent new Biafra station
« on: August 02, 2017, 2136 UTC »
Near Chicago, IL USA.  Drake R8, Ten-Tec RX340, JRC NRD545, Watkins Johnson HF-1000, Wellbrook loop at 28', 43m inverted vee.  Please QSL to fpeconsultant@aol.com thanks.

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Re: An apparent new Biafra station
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2017, 0032 UTC »
I knew that they'd been working on this for the last couple of years, but I never thought it would see fruition.

I had two very close college friends who served on the Biafran side as boy soldiers. The tales the told would curl your hair and churn your stomach. One is a MD here in the State's, the other one went back to Nigeria after getting a degree in International Relations to work as a govt. official. I haven't heard from him since the mid-80's and with the coup's and violence that has taken place, I worry about him. He and the Doc were like brothers. The guy fell off his radar in the same period of time.

The Doc was the first cousin of a regional Prince from the Cross River State, a strange one, he's now a King and probably as loopy as ever, who went to school with us. The Doc was sent over with another member of the local nobility to keep an eye on him. The Doc had applied for med school at Vanderbilt, in Nashville. He wanted to know if I'd like to run down with him. It sounded like a good time to me. The guy had a ton of money and he liked to spend it.

We're just south of the metropolis of Horse Cave, KY. when Kentucky State trooper nabs us for speeding. He looks in this Mercedes, and sees a foreign Black guy and a longhaired White kid with out of state plates. Neither of us look like we had any business riding around a new car like that. I'm thinking this, "This ain't good." He shows the cop his license and the registration, the cop looks at it funny, and orders him back to the squad car. Off they go, and I'm getting worried, this has gone to "worse" very quick. I'm so busy running things through my head that I don't realize the car is rolling backwards? By the time I do it's too late, "bang!", the car had rolled right into the cruiser. I was sure we're going under the jailhouse when that happened.

All of a sudden I look up in the rearview. Here comes the Doc. Before I can ask him what happened, he crumples up the ticket and throws over it his shoulder into the road. That cop blows out of there shooting darts at us with his eyes. I lose it then, yelling, "Are you f*****g crazy! Do you want us to go to jail? Hell's Bell's this is Klan country, we might not even see the inside of a damned jail! You don't deliberately piss off a cop, especially if you're a Black guy! Didn't they clue your ass in before they sent you over here?" He's going "Calm down, calm down..." and shows me his license and passport. He had diplomatic immunity due to his status back home as regional nobility and his role in keeping an eye on that loopy cousin of his.

And here I'd been rubbing elbows with Royalty for years. If I'd known he had immunity we could got away with lots more fun stuff.

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Re: An apparent new Biafra station
« Reply #2 on: August 05, 2017, 1813 UTC »
If I'd known he had immunity we could got away with lots more fun stuff.

Like a nice big high power pirate radio station.

Minneapolis, MN


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