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Author Topic: UNID Spanish Language 6950 kHz USB 1315 UTC 22 August 2017  (Read 264 times)

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Spanish language UNID traffic unidentified 6950 kHz USB 6.950 MHz USB

The band is really waking up this morning.  Lots and lots of Spanish language (and other stuff) popping up all over 6-7 MHz.  This almost sounds like a phone patch (have heard similar traffic on 6771.5 kHz USB and 6772.5 kHz USB)

Hearing an OM talking to what sounds like a child, both of them sounding very excited.  Several numerical IDs heard, including "750" "702" "705" "765" "724" and many others.  Not sure if these are three-number IDs or six-number IDs being broken up into bits the way they were read.  The OM sounds like he's yelling into the microphone. 

Maybe a telephone patch of some kind? At 1323 UTC, the "yelling man" has disappeared, and the frequency has returned to the more "normal" Spanish language freebander type ham radio like or 11-meter freebander style "roundtable" ragchew type deal.
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