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Author Topic: UNID Spanish Language 6990 kHz LSB 2325 UTC 29 August 2017  (Read 330 times)

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Spanish voice traffic
6990 kHz 6.990 MHz
LSB mode

Probably the strongest Spanish, Portuguse or Italian language station heard so far today...hearing very strong Spanish language chatter on 6990 LSB at 2325 UTC

2328 UTC - Ramon talking to another, currently UNID station...very very strong S9 to S9+20db on peaks with strong punchy SSB audio.  
2329 UTC - UNID station talking rapidly, but sounds like freebanders.  These guys are just really loud, references to "13 meters"
2330 UTC - UNID station now appears to be correcting Ramon...unfortunately they're talking just a little too quickly for me to really get a grasp on what they're talking about
2333 UTC - several references to 'Ramon' and cities in Venezuela, then Venezuela mentioned directly
2334 UTC - suffering increasing interference from 6985 kHz USB, mention of shopping at the supermarket (grocery store)
2335 UTC - after listening for a bit, I know these guys are probably not from North America (going by accents)
2336 UTC - "listen, Ramon" (stronger station) - weaker station is probably Ramon
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