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Author Topic: UNID English Language 6979 kHz USB 2345 UTC 13 Sept 2017  (Read 366 times)

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UNID English Language 6979 kHz USB 2345 UTC 13 Sept 2017
« on: September 13, 2017, 2352 UTC »
6979 kHz USB 6.979 MHz USB

Hearing folks talking with really thick accents but I'm pretty sure this is English, likely traffic from a Caribbean language native speaker.  Several QSOs similar to this have been noted in the past on similar frequencies.  Several mentions of "Mike" and "Alpha Mike" at 2349 and 2350 UTC.  "Yeah Yeah" replies.  Casual chatter but heavy noise in this part of the band is making copy not as easy as it should be.  Heard mention of "America" at 2351 UTC.  They may be speaking some sort of pidgin language (mixture of English, Spanish and other local or native words) hearing clips and phrases of English language expressions and then a Spanish word every once in a while.  Either way, difficult copy due to VERY heavy accents.  "You need to be careful" at 2352 UTC.  "Give the mic" (???) may actually be what they're saying, as a procedure word/pro-word for "over" as in "microphone over to you".  

Strong "rushing" QRM at 6980 kHz or so is QRMing these guys pretty badly.  I thought it was just noise at first until I looked at the waterfall.  "Take the mic" heard at 2353 UTC "back the mic" at 2354 UTC again.  Must be how these guys say "over" to each other.  Have heard several "yeah roger that" and "okay roger" replies too. 
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