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Author Topic: UNID Spanish Language 13805 kHz USB 1445 UTC 14 Sept 2017  (Read 286 times)

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UNID Spanish Language 13805 kHz USB 1445 UTC 14 Sept 2017
« on: September 14, 2017, 1449 UTC »
UNID two way voice communications
Date: 14-SEPT-2017
Time: 1445 UTC (log start and tune in time)
Frequency: 13805 kHz 13.805 MHz
Mode: USB
Language: Spanish
Presumed Users/Remarks/Logs:

Considering the popularity of the 6700-7000 kHz band (below the 40 meter amateur band) with Spanish speaking stations, I'm not at all surprised to find freebanders operating below the 20 meter amateur band.  In previous monitoring of QSOs on 43 meter frequencies such as 6900 kHz, 6905 kHz, etc, I have heard several references to "20 meters" so its possible that this is the 20 meters these operators are referring to. 

1445 UTC - tuning through the 22 meter broadcast band (what a place to hide!) hearing two SS speaking OMs
1446 UTC - casual ham-radio like chatter...reminds me of the freebanders normally heard below 40 meters
1447 UTC - whistling into microphone
1449 UTC - "California" followed by a OTH Radar burst, a third station checks into "net"
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