Author Topic: I got so many QSLs today they came UPS  (Read 250 times)

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I got so many QSLs today they came UPS
« on: October 12, 2017, 2319 UTC »
I printed 200 of my eQSLs as a test using Amazon Prints, just 9 cents each for 4 x 6 prints.  I'm very happy with the quality. Now to print more of them :)

By default they will crop the images to fit the aspect ratio of the print, which is good for regular pictures but not for QSLs. So I wrote an app that automates adjusting the size of the image, and adds white space as needed around the edges so it fits a 4x6 perfectly. Took about 15 seconds to resize all 200 images. If I was doing it by hand... I might still  be doing it!

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