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Author Topic: ALA 100LN perfect size & shape  (Read 790 times)

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ALA 100LN perfect size & shape
« on: October 24, 2017, 1400 UTC »
I purchased around six week ago a ALA 100LN from Wellbrook.

My main target with this antenna is the Mediumwave band.
The antenna bearing is 278 - 98.

Since I installed the antenna I tinkered with the loop height and circumference.

1. Setup - 10' height and 26' apart = 72' circumference
    Signals where way to strong (S9+40 / S9+60) with attenuation (10dBm) and I observed overmodulation on a lot of stations.

2. Setup - 10' height and 20.5' apart = 61' circumference
    No significant changes to the first setup. I dropped the signals by 5 S-points at best.
    The overmodulation got a little better on the local stations but i was still not happy.

3. Setup - 13.1' height and 13.1' apart = 52.4' circumference
    The local stations are now down to S9+10 /+20 with out any overmodulation.
Now I am wondering if I found the optimal size / circumference for the loop.
What circumference are you guys using on the ALA 100LN?

Did anyone try a triangle setup as it is mention in the Wellbrook documentation?

Overall I am curious what treasures I will catch during this MW DX season with the new Antenna.
RX: Elad FDM-S2, Grundig Satellite 700 & Yaesu FRG-7
Ant.: HDLA 3 (Active Loop), EWE @ 270, ALA 100LN, MiniWhip
QTH: JO31 (Germany)

Please send eqsl to: oliverinusa[at]yahoo.de