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Author Topic: SDR Console Peview 7, October 23rd, 2017  (Read 1296 times)

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SDR Console Peview 7, October 23rd, 2017
« on: October 25, 2017, 1653 UTC »
Preview 7, October 23rd, 2017

This kit expires on October 24th, 2018.

What's New

A lot of new/updated features, for example:

CW Skimmer, a major part of the logic was wrong http://dev2.sdr-radio.com/Software/3rd-Party/CWSkimmer.
Support for the latest Airspy Server network logic.
Favourites Tree see Favourites pane.
Changed / enhanced the spectrum algorithm Ribbon Bar, View, Smoothing Hang & Decay now the default. Using Hang & Decay the smoothed spectrum is now closer (indeed quite close) to the actual signal levels.
Fixed Ettus B210 support.

Beta 1 - December 2017 with Data Anayser.
Beta 2 - January 2018 with Remote Server.
Release - March 2018.

Known Problems

External radio possibly still not working properly when using the IF output, this is high on the to-do list
There are no guarantees at all - this is a taster of what's to come. The kit expires on December 13th, 2017.


Join the mailing list group for links to intermediate kits created before beta 1 in December 2017.

RX: Elad FDM-S2, Grundig Satellit 700
Ant.: HDLA 3 (Active Loop), EWE @ 270, ALA 100LN, MiniWhip
QTH: JO31 (Germany)

Please send eqsl to: oliverinusa[at]yahoo.de


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