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Author Topic: UNID Italian 9435 kHz 1145-0130 UTC  (Read 778 times)

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UNID Italian 9435 kHz 1145-0130 UTC
« on: November 22, 2017, 1246 UTC »
Times listed are the times we were able to pick it up, not necessarily the times of the broadcast.  It seems to have faded with the oncoming sunrise.

An interesting UNID, because there are no stations broadcasting at that time with that language that I can find, but it had a call sign and a female voice, with light pop music bordering on soft jazz.  Call sign was illegible, though, due to some QRM at that second.  Reception was middling-to excellent, though hanging around S3-S5 the entire broadcast.

Received with varying levels of loundess on my Realistic, Pashpaw, my sibling, caught it on a constant but quiet level with their SDR, in South-Central CA.

I'm really posting this because I have no idea, but I want to know.

The really weird thing is, in trying to pin down a location, I couldn't.  There's not many nodes on GT nowadays, but I tried various ones including Korea, Canada, Romania, France, Minnesota, and Arizona, but no extra CA nodes since there are none active right now.  I couldn't find it elsewhere, and I like to think I covered most of the globe with that selection.

EDIT: That's 1130-1230 UTC.  I'd just woke up when I posted this, and hopped on shortwaves first thing.  I'm apparently no good DXing without coffee.
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