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Author Topic: Hifer beacons RY and EH  (Read 570 times)

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Hifer beacons RY and EH
« on: December 02, 2017, 1723 UTC »
I shut down the WM Hifer beacon to do some listening this morning on it's antenna. So far I have solid copies on RY and EH which can be seen in the ARGO capture on Dropbox; https://www.dropbox.com/s/521pk9u5k5jxt6m/dec020001.jpg?dl=0

I saw NC briefly but don't have a capture on it yet.  It's kinda weird in that I am using a new KiwiSDR on the beacon antenna and it hears RY and EH just fine. I have my Kenwood on a trap vertical and it only hears NC and EH.   Some kind of magic I guess.

de N8OOU Mike
Kenwood TS-480HX - OCF dipole/5 band trap vertical
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