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Author Topic: November 2017 Michigan BCB logs, including China  (Read 874 times)

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November 2017 Michigan BCB logs, including China
« on: December 03, 2017, 1711 UTC »
November was a good month that kicked off with China being heard for the first time on medium wave.  Station #2,100 was logged with the totals currently standing at 2,109 stations logged since 2009 (I don't count call letter changes).  November had a little aurora that brought in a slew of new Southern stations and November also had a few good nights of Trans-Atlantic reception that included time pips on 1080 on the 27th @ 03:00 UTC matching those of Spain.  Aussie reception is long over from this suburban location and probably won't resurface again until the Spring Equinox approaches.

Receiver used: Microtelecom Perseus SDR
Antennas: 117 FT Reversible North/South D-KAZ loop, NE/SW phased BOGs 450 & 500 FT LG.


620 WZON Bangor, ME.      Nov.4th,2017   2257 UTC

With oldies under WTMJ such as Abba's "Mamma Mia", and
faint call letter ID heard twice, into CBS News at
2301 UTC.  Rare relog from an uncommon state.

ANTENNA: North DKAZ   869 miles   5kw

990 WISK Lawrenceville, GA.   Nov.11th,2017   2302 UTC

Regional Mexican mx, and legal ID at 2302 UTC in
Spanish: "W-I-S-K, Lawrenceville, Georgia (was pronounced
Georgio), La Brava, nueve noventa a-eme" during
semi-au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ   648 miles   2.5kw Daytimer

NEW LOG                  
1160 WSKW Skowhegan, ME.   Nov.4th,2017   2214 UTC

Strong and dominating the channel with classic c/w music
and slogans "Classic Country", proper calls and city TOH
legal ID also heard at 2200 UTC but much weaker under
WYLL.  Also noted over WYLL on Nov.28th @ 2255 UTC.

ANTENNA: North DKAZ   824 miles   10kw/730w

NEW LOG                  
740 WNYH Huntington, NY.   Nov.25th,2017   1220 UTC

With SS religious music and preaching, mostly poor undeR
typically huge CFZM signal but confirmed against WNYH
webstream.  740 log #26

ANTENNA: NE phased BOGs   671 miles   25kw/43w

NEW LOG                  
780 WJAG Norfolk, NE.      Nov.27th, 2017   2300 UTC

Partial OM legal ID at TOH caught under typically
dominant WBBM "Serving.....and Madison County, this is
your home.....Nebraska......news-talk W-J-A-G, Norfolk"
and immediately into FOX News.

ANTENNA: North DKAZ   581 miles   1kw Daytimer

NEW LOG                  
890 KQLX Lisbon, ND.      Nov.28th, 2017   2234 UTC

With Ag Central news, ND weather report and into Country
Gold c/w music, strong and alone on the channel.

ANTENNA: North DKAZ   586 miles   1.8kw Daytimer

NEW LOG                  
1280 WYAL Scotland Neck, NC.   Nov.10th, 2017   2200 UTC

Weak and barely on top of the channel during semi-au cx
with preacher with prayer and then with legal sign-off
announcement mentioning frequency, station address,
power, etc.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ   671 miles   5kw Daytimer

NEW LOG                  
1280 WJAY Mullins, SC.      Nov.10th, 2017   2202 UTC

Revealed immediately after WYAL signed off (also a new
log) with ad for the Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church in
Marion, SC., soon lost after ad ended during semi-au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ   722 miles   4.2kw/270w

NEW LOG                  
1400 WRON Ronceverte, WV.   Nov.10th, 2017   0100 UTC

Very weak requiring several recording playbacks, OM
with: "You're listening to the valley's choice,
.....R-O-N, Ronceverte, Lewisburg, West Virginia" and
into FOX News, during semi-au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ   479 miles   1kw

NEW LOG                  
1490 WFXY Middlesboro, KY.   Nov.10th, 2017   0100 UTC

OM briefly popping out of the noise at TOH with: "This is
W-F-X-Y, Foxy Radio...Middlesboro... and soon buried
again, during semi-au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ   472 miles   1kw

NEW LOG                  
1550 WBFJ Winston-Salem, NC.   Nov.10th, 2017   2200 UTC

With ad for parenting boot camp, religious talk, and legal
ID at TOH followed by weather forecast read by Southern
accented OM, during semi-au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ   581 miles   1kw Daytimer

NEW LOG                  


1521 CRI, rmqi/Hutubi, China   Nov.6th,2017   0037 UTC

With faint Russian talk & music beginning around
00:30 UTC, weak but good enough to easily parallel what I
was hearing to a Kiwi remote SDR located in
Novosibirsk, Russia (roughly 1000km north of Urumqi) which
had a strong copy on the same signal.

ANTENNA: North DKAZ   6,383 miles   500kw

Youtube video of reception: https://youtu.be/uNyL6d_ibfA


   Latin Americans:

630 WUNO San Juan, PR.      Nov.10th,2017   0108 UTC

Presumed SS talker under WLAP during semu-au cx with
numerous Noti Uno slogans heard during semi-au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ   2065 miles   5kw

NEW LOG                  
1000 XEOY Mxico D.F.      Nov.25th, 2017   1115 UTC

Equal strength at times to WMVP with Spanish music and
frequent "La mejor de Mexico esta, en Mil AM" between

ANTENNA: South DKAZ   1808 miles   50kw

NEW LOG                  
1610 XEUACH Chapingo, Mexico   Nov.11th, 2017   0132 UTC

With light Spanish music parallel to webstream, strong at
times while mixing w/ various TIS stations during au cx.

ANTENNA: South DKAZ   1795 miles   5kw

NEW LOG                  

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