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Author Topic: 6900 LSB Very Messy Freebanders vs. Jamming QRM Interference 24-25 Jan 2018  (Read 156 times)

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6900 kHz LSB, 6900 LSB, 6.900 MHz the Spanish language 43 meter freeband net frequency was very busy last night, some stations pushing S9+30db and talking all over each other.  At around 2318 UTC, Clever Name Radio started intentionally jamming these "pescadores" or "peskies" as they are often known.  CNR has a very powerful transmitter but the Spanish speakers didn't seemed too bothered by the QRM.  Some of them switched from 6900 kHz LSB to 6900 kHz USB (a very CB like practice when there's QRM!) and just kept talking.  CNR signed off at 0014 UTC 25 JAN 2018, then signed back on several times in the 0100-0200 UTC hour before QSY changing frequencies up to 6935 kHz LSB to QRM the pescadores operating there.

See the thread regarding Clever Name Radio's broadcast here


I wanted to make a thread in the Peskies thread since they were on 6900 LSB before CNR decided to start broadcasting there
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