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Author Topic: Indonesian Chanters 7.000 Mhz LSB 22 March 2018 1450 UTC  (Read 771 times)

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The enigmatic Indonesians are at it again, one station is sorta mumbling away, monologue style, and the other stations then occasionally respond in unison, primary station is S = 3-4 w/o fades (!) and the others are ca. S = 2-3 as a group during response "chants."  They have been at it since at least 1430 UTC when I tuned them initially.  1503 UTC and the "chanting" responses seem to have waned in favor of a sorta lazy two-way with the second station ca. S = 2 and some moderate fading.  Sure wish I understood Indonesian, as these guys are some of my favorite listening targets out here in the Western US!

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