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Author Topic: Radiotelephone Links 6755 USB, 6760 USB, 6765 USB, 6780 USB, 6790 USB  (Read 798 times)

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Hearing very weak but tell-tale radiotelephone links (or patches?) on the following frequencies, all in USB mode and in Spanish language:

2330 UTC+
26 Mar 2018

6755 kHz 6.755 MHz, strongest of the four, but getting clobbered by QRM from CANFORCE weather on 6754 kHz USB
6760 kHz 6.760 MHz, very weak but can hear a YL talking
6765 kHz 6.765 MHz, slightly stronger than 6760 USB, OM and YL talking over each other
6780 kHz 6.780 MHz, see note below
6790 kHz 6.790 MHz, YL talking to OM about general mundane domestic topics, probably husband/wife telephone call

EDIT:  at 2345 UTC I tuned back through the 6600-6800 range (where most of these radiotelephone links seem to be found) and I came across another active conversation in progress on 6780 kHz USB...same general logging though, OM and YL talking about general household topics (in Spanish).  Weak signal, SIO 222 at very best.  At 2345, only 6780 kHz and 6790 kHz were active.  6755 kHz, 6760 kHz and 6765 kHz were all quiet at that point (or propagation had changed enough for me to be unable to hear them).  From previous logs, it seems like 6790 kHz is the more active of the frequencies discussed (sometimes the telephone patch is heard on 6789 kHz or 6791 kHz instead of 6790 kHz).
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