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Author Topic: New Stretchyman Transmitter(s) !  (Read 3123 times)

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New Stretchyman Transmitter(s) !
« on: May 24, 2018, 1106 UTC »
Having listened to the critics and having invested in some new test equipment I've improved an existing design and also designed something new.

I feel it's about time for an update and to offer my latest TX's

I can now offer;

1; A fully tunable 40W TX using a AD9833 DDS and a Transphorm GaN FET as the main O/P device.

This is totally immune from any FMing issues or carrier drift and is easily preset to ANY frequency you desire!

As it's Class E it's B/W is restricted but will cover the whole of the 43m or 48m band easily.

Needs 24V (26V ABS Max), quite happy @ 12V with 10W O/P. Approx Size & Weight 6"x5"x2". 2lbs

2; A 32 CH 150W TX with PWM mod and built in SWR indicator and protection built in.

Needs 48V to 60V 10A ABS Max (will give 100W-150W) Approx Size & Weight  7"x5"x3". 5lbs

Please PM me if you're interested in either.

'1' is ready but have still to finalise the metalwork on '2'.

'2' had been a labour of love and really wanted to build something that was truly portable and rugged.

ALL the other designs I've seen are in a 3/4 U 19" rack, hardly 'Portable'!

'2' is infinitely more complex than '1' and will be somewhat more expensive!

If you have purchased a TX from me before I'm happy to offer a discount!


'It's better to give than receive' so why Rx when you can Tx!



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