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Author Topic: Radio Ndarason International, Ascencion Is. 0515-0550Z Sept. 14, 2018  (Read 129 times)

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I've been listening to this station on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada for the past half hour with fair to good signals using a Drake R8B receiver and a G5RV antenna. It's starting to fade now. Currently talking but they have been playing some pretty nice music.

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Re: Radio Ndarason International, Ascencion Is. 0515-0550Z Sept. 14, 2018
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2018, 1646 UTC »
Funny you mention that, as I was hearing it at the same time, 0540-0559 UTC on Sept. 14, 2018 (Sept. 13 local date), on 5960 kHz from here in Lake Stevens, Wash. Heard some nice African music, followed by the female host talking to callers on the phone. Then, male talking over more music just before signoff at 0559 UTC. Compared what I was hearing to the stationís online stream to make sure it was Ndarason.

I've heard Radio Ndarason International before, but not at this time or frequency, which is often subject to quite a bit of noise at that hour. it was a fair to good signal, though there was an annoying whistle/buzz from interference. It signed off right at 0559 UTC.
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