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Author Topic: Trance AM 6265,1 AM 1902 utc 18 sep 2018  (Read 574 times)

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Trance AM 6265,1 AM 1902 utc 18 sep 2018
« on: September 18, 2018, 1924 UTC »
unid on 6265,1 very weak at first
1902 almost no audio heard
1908 fading up with Andean music (Peru, Bolivia...)
1921 other kind, unknown
1929 again Andean style (almost "If I only could" instrum. version)
1936 Broadcasting from the Europe to Europe (etc no copy...)  ..@gmx dot..., music
1940 now some Keltic/bagpipe music
1942 announcement by W, much too weak, then music
1947 id by W : approx.  Chant AM @gmx.net (I was awaiting something like Radio Cochabamba...)
1959 ID : KANT AM or COUNT AM ? ?
2006 ID : or TRUMP AM ??? , always @gmx.net

2012 music parts, 2014 off
music not from South American Indians could be from North American Indians ?

It was Trance AM, acc. to JBK (all details are OK, but strange kind of music for 'trance')
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Re: Unid 6265,1 AM 1902 utc 18 sep 2018
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2018, 1926 UTC »
1918 UTC S4 melody with flute like Andes music
then the same kind of music
1936 was the ID ? M+W but I did not understand
1942 YL talk - I already thought it was not from Europe?
1948 improved on S5, strong atmo discharge, ATT improves reception
1952 YL ID? I don't understand  :'( :'(

Ray- you are right-1947 id by W : approx.  Chant AM @gmx.net (I was awaiting something like Radio Cochabamba...)
around 2015 I was looking for them in NL, CH and HU, they did not receive anything, which was the end of the broadcast?
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