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Author Topic: 4045 kHz USB Maritime Yachtman's Sailing Net 2305 UTC 5 Nov 2018  (Read 280 times)

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Sailboat radio net HF-SSB radio net yacht radio net 4045 kHz 4.045 MHz 4045 USB marine radio net November 5th 2018

4045 USB good signals, several marine stations having an informal QSO - talking about weather, sailing conditions, general banter.  Pretty polite operating procedure though compared to some.   

At 2306 UTC it sounds like there is another QSO going on at the same time as the control station, although its entirely possible that relays are being used. 

"They're heading into the sound to drop off a sick crewmember" - 2307 UTC
another yacht checks in giving lat/long and winds...sounds like a sailing net considering heavy discussion of gulfstream, sailing conditions, winds, all stations are IDing by ship name and no alpha-numeric callsigns have been heard. 

2310 UTC - roll call completed, general call made for any other vessels on frequency - another ship almost instantly answered...
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