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Author Topic: 6747.5 kHz USB Mixed English Spanish UNID Net 2207 UTC 7 Nov 18  (Read 242 times)

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UNID net English and Spanish EE/SS 6747.5 kHz 6.747.5 MHz USB mode

Heard "fifteen hundred" a couple times (in English) then back to Spanish...on the Sigma SDR on the CT/MA border at 2207 UTC.  Frequency seems to have gone quiet almost right after I tuned in...

There are a lot of Latin American QSOs going on in the 6-12 MHz region right now... I imagine the lower frequencies will become active once the sun is completely down.  8 MHz and 9 MHz are also quite active.  I haven't logged nearly everything I've heard because of the sheer magnitude of Spanish and Portuguese voices heard over the past 30-45 minutes...
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