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Author Topic: 6900 kHz The Usual Suspects 6900 USB and 6900 LSB 2200 UTC 13 Nov 2018  (Read 414 times)

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6900 kHz or 6.900 MHz is the "home channel" for Spanish speaking operators on 43 meters.  Usually its 6900 LSB. See also: 6666.6 kHz USB and a seemingly endless number of others.  6900 LSB is the most often logged though.  They are land based stations having an informal ham radio ragchew-like (or CB 11 meter like) QSO, often in "roundtable" format with a loose net control operating style. 

At 2203 UTC I am hearing Spanish speakers chatting away on 6900 LSB and 6900 USB.  Hearing "over" (in Spanish) and other indicators that the guys talking at least know the basics of radio procedure. 
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