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Author Topic: Community Radio Network & others 1710 AM 0111 UTC 14 November 2018  (Read 1301 times)

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1710 currently has two weak stations @ 0111 UTC taking turns on my South DKAZ loop. The dominant one is a male Spanish preacher from an UNID station that matches none of the following 1710 stations:


More interesting is the second station I'm hearing playing old time stuff from the 1940s thru the 1970s that occasionally comes out of the noise. Unknown if this is the "West Rockingham" station I heard a few nights ago. <------Same station, see below:

0144 UTC: The Flamingos "I only have eyes for you"
0200 UTC: Chimes at top of hour and faint mention of "Rockingham".  These bells or chimes at TOH match the "West Rockingham" station I logged a few nights ago and I can confirm this is the station playing the adult standards and oldies.
0224 UTC: Weather forecast from pro sounding live announcer and into Dan Fogelberg's "Longer".

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