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Author Topic: Bacon is a weapon!  (Read 1529 times)


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Bacon is a weapon!
« on: November 16, 2018, 0236 UTC »
Cops: McDonald's Worker Charged In Bacon Attack
Cook tried to "shove hot crispy bacon" in her manager's face

McDonald's Bacon Assault

NOVEMBER 15--A McDonald’s cook tried to “shove hot crispy bacon” in the face of her manager during a confrontation Friday that resulted in an assault and battery charge being filed against the worker, according to a police report.

Cops say that the fast food employees faced off at a McDonald’s in Bluffton, South Carolina after manager Tequila Cohen, 33, asked cook Josefina Jimenez to stop eating bacon while she was working in the kitchen.

When Jimenez continued consuming the pork delicacy, Cohen (seen at right) lodged a complaint with her boss, the eatery’s general manager.

As detailed in a Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office report, Jimenez became angry when Cohen escalated the November 9 bacon beef. The employee allegedly “backed [Cohen] into the corner” and tried to force-feed her “hot crispy bacon.”

Investigators charge that when Cohen sought to push away from Jimenez, the employee--still “grasping the bacon”--struck Cohen in the face. Jimenez also allegedly tossed “a cup of an unknown substance” at Cohen. After the women were separated by a third McDonald’s employee, Cohen called 911.

A police review of surveillance footage supported Cohen’s account of the confrontation, the sheriff’s report notes. Jimenez had left the McDonald’s by the time deputies arrived at the restaurant, which is about 20 miles from Savannah, Georgia (where Jimenez lives, according to the report).

Presented with the sheriff’s account of the incident, a judge issued an arrest warrant charging Jimenez with assault and battery. Beaufort County jail records indicate that Jimenez has yet to be booked on the misdemeanor charge.
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Re: Bacon is a weapon!
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2018, 0457 UTC »
With a last name of Cohen, I could see her having a complaint. However, as she doesn't seem to mind pushing double bacon cheeseburgers on to the populace at large, she has no case. The dietary laws of Leviticus make a good case for stoning the manager for dealing in the stuff. That region could use a good public stoning. The sad thing is that region is woefully short of rocks.

I suspect with her parents choice of first name, the manager suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome? It's left the poor woman's brain so damaged she thinks all people with Mexican sounding first names are Jewish?  A sad situation indeed.


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