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Author Topic: Amelia Earhart KHAQQ calling Itasca commemorative 6925  (Read 1299 times)

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Amelia Earhart KHAQQ calling Itasca commemorative 6925
« on: July 03, 2011, 0455 UTC »
7/3/11 (but still 7/2/11 in the US, so it counts)
6925 USB
0205z: Sounds like a variation of the Amelia Earhart commemorative show on the anniversary of the aviatrix's July 2, 1937 disappearance.  CW and voice calls between woman and Itasca.  "Earhart calling Itasca... I am now approximately 100 miles out..."
Return call from Itasca, "KHAQQ... It is not practical to take a bearing from your voice on this frequency... go ahead with CW... (move?) to 500 kilocycles... Itasca out."

My VFO wasn't tuned dead center so some voice calls were a little tough to copy here.

As with previous Earhart anniversary shows, long pauses of a minute or more between CW and voice alls.  Unlike previous versions of this show I've heard since 2008, I didn't hear any period music of the era during this broadcast.

Good signal over moderate QRN.  Minor QRM with carrier around 6925.2, but nothing audible here from the presumably AM station so no interference here.

Audio recording available upon request.
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