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Author Topic: SHARES Weekly Nets 6765 USB and 6845 USB 1735 UTC 23 Jan 2019  (Read 262 times)

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SHARES North on 6765 kHz USB 6.765 MHz USB
SHARES Northeast on 6845 kHz USB 6.845 MHz USB

FEMA emergency management coordination weekly net

Freestate 40 asking NCS964 for readback confirmation at 1740 UTC - "net count is now figures one seven (17) - assume net control and pass it to NCS327 at 1750 (SHARES Regional Coordination Net Northeast frequency ID for 6845 USB at 1741 UTC).  Good copy locally, on the Westminster, MD SDR and the CT/MA border SDR.

Standard weekly net operating procedures, check-ins to the net, net control transferred to another station, process repeated, relays requested, etc.  Nets active on 6765 USB and 6845 USB.  Better signals on 6845 USB but 6765 USB traffic is completely readable.

NNO5RJ net control for SHARES North (6765 USB) at 1745 UTC - general call for any station, any region, any area, then request for relays.  NNE5PY and NCSxxx stations heard on frequency. 
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