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Author Topic: 6 MHz HF-SSB Marine Logs 2145-2150 UTC 30 Jan 2019 6200-6525 kHz  (Read 671 times)

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Hearing a couple different QSOs in the 6200-6525 kHz marine range.  Receiver is the COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR on the CT/MA border

6205 kHz AM - weak music heard, AM carrier, presumed Laser Hot Hits European pirate - 49 meter band
6215 kHz USB - weak SSB voice heard, this is the 6 MHz calling distress frequency (frequently used by South American fishing fleets)
6230 kHz USB - marine weather
6233 kHz USB - two OMs chatting in Spanish, presumed pescadores (good signals)
6238 kHz USB - Portuguese language, weak, presumed pescadores or fishing boats
6246 kHz USB - mention of Venezuela (Spanish langauge)
6292 kHz USB - Spanish language chatter, heavy fading
6300 kHz USB - UNID language, frequently logged activity on this frequency
6303 kHz USB - UNID language, weak signals (previously logged)
6363 kHz USB - Spanish language, presumed pescadores
6400 kHz USB - UNID language, mixing with Pyongyang North Korean SWBC signal on 6400 AM
6445 kHz LSB - Spanish language, OM and YL talking - some fading
6501 kHz USB - US Coast Guard marine weather forecast S9+30db on peaks (some overmodulation, very strong)

This is a five minute "drive by" picture of the band
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