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Author Topic: KKN50 et al wiki update  (Read 122 times)

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KKN50 et al wiki update
« on: February 22, 2019, 0132 UTC »
The statement “Information about this radio network was first published by Harry Helms...in 1980” is incomplete and needs to be updated.

Steve Jones of Lawrenceburg, KY, reported this much earlier and Rick Slattery commented on it in his The SWL Shack column on page 60 of the June 1966 issue of S9 Magazine:

“On the CW bands, Steve heard KKN50 on 6945 kc/s calling KWX72. I (Rick Slattery) have heard this bird too, but measured the frequency as 6954 kc/s. Uncle Tom (Kneitel) says that KKN50 is in Washington, D.C., somewhere the Pentagon-his guess as to the operating agency is a bit far out so I won't print it here.”

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Most times & frequencies posted are only an approximation.
Due to adulteration of the E.N.I.G.M.A. "designators" by others and not a match in the Conet Project they are never used.