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Author Topic: USCG 5696 KHz USB  (Read 132 times)

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« on: February 26, 2019, 2247 UTC »
approx 22:40Z 26 Feb

tail end of a radio conversation between COM-COM and another station who gave location as
 35 42 N and 120 38 W which could be over Paso Robles, California so maybe it is a USCG aircraft asset.

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Re: USCG 5696 KHz USB
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2019, 1839 UTC »
Night primary is 5696, day is 8983, however they've gone ALE so they can pop up anywhere.

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OPB--OPBAT Service Center, Nassau, Bahamas
PAC--USCG Remote Transmitter Point Reyes, CA remotely controlled by COMMCOM, Chesapeake, VA
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