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Author Topic: 60M Bandscan 0055 - 0115  (Read 1818 times)

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60M Bandscan 0055 - 0115
« on: October 02, 2011, 0144 UTC »
When I'm bored, I have been in the habit of doing bandscans, which is incredibly boring, and by comparison, the previous state of boredom I was in previously just doesn't seem that all that boring after all. 

Hope you don't mind if I share them here.  It makes it a lot easier to have target ideas handy on nights when there are good openings.

4716.65  Trace audio, poss Span
4746.90  Weak het only
4765.00  Trace audio
4774.89  Weak het only
4803.50  Swooshy beacony thingy
4814.91  Trace audio, poss Span
4835 - 4845  WWCR (pres) and all its slop @ S9+20
4885.00  Fair in Portuguese - Para?
4905.00  Weak het only
4925.18  Trace audio, poss Portuguese
4935.19  Weak het only
4949.68  Weak het only
4949.95  Weak het only
4964.99  Trace audio, poss English, CVC?
4974.91  Trace audio
4985.00  Trace audio
4989.92  Trace audio
5000.00  Beep - Ft Collins only
5009.95  Trace audio?
5015 - 5035 Rebelde and all its slop @ S9
5035.00  Good het in Rebelde splatter
5040.00  RHC @ S9+
5051.00 WWRB pres @ S8
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