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Author Topic: Life insurance physical when on Keto? My dietary experiment.  (Read 1654 times)

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A few months ago, I started an experiment to get my lipid panel numbers down into the conventional "normal" range so as to ensure I get a preferred premium rate on my life insurance.

I've been strict keto for about 2 years now. My lipid panel numbers show high LDL : that is, I'm a Lean Mass Hyperresponder with a very high LDL and total cholesterol -- most physicians would consider me high risk and put me on a statin. I take no prescription medicines.

But I have a life insurance policy that is about to expire; I need to apply for a new one, and I'll need a physical examination including blood and urine testing.

If I maintain a lipid profile as it was when on ketogenic high fat and  <20 grams of carbohydrates per day for the life insurance physical, I suspect ketogenic-induced lipid numbers will put me into a "high risk" category and increase my insurance premium rates.

Via Google Scholar, I researched every food or supplement that lowers cholesterol and introduced them into my lifestyle and eliminated those foods that increase cholesterol, yet trying to be as low carb as possible. I read every scientific paper I could find that has something practical I could do to lower my cholesterol and tried to put the recommendation into practice.  Certain foods were shown to lower cholesterol, so I started eating them.

I had blood-work done a few times along the way to ensure my cholesterol numbers were moving in the direction the insurance company would find acceptable and put me into a "preferred premium" category with the lowest insurance premiums.

All the while, most of the time I was able to stay in a desirable low-state of ketogenesis via Ketostix urine testing for acetoacetate.

Here are the results: (My well formulated ketogenic diet lipid profile is in red. My "experiment" numbers are in green):

Keto diet  (High fat, <20 grams of carbohydrates/day)                      Experimental diet to lower cholesterol
Cholesterol total  291                                                                                  Cholesterol total  200         
HDL 80                                                                                                       HDL 88             
Triglycerides 64                                                                                           Triglycerides 50
LDL 195                                                                                                      LDL 99     

Here's my dietary protocol to get the numbers shown in green:

I eliminated: butter, bacon, sausage, and fatty meat.  >:(
I used only olive oil as my added fat.
I ate fish 3 times weekly, usually canned sardines in water or olive oil as part of my lunch.
I ate 50 grams of raw almonds daily. (about a handful)
I ate 50 grams of raw blueberries daily. (about a handful)
I took 500 mg niacin twice daily. (OTC  Slo-niacin)
I took 1800 mg phytosterols daily (OTC Cholestoff Plus)
I took about 6 grams of psyllium husk daily  (OTC)
I ate one slice of whole wheat bread every other day.

Every breakfast during the cholesterol-lowering experiment, I ate 2 fried eggs with some cheddar cheese, now cooked with a few tablespoons of olive oil, and sprinkled liberally with salt and pepper, black coffee.
My lunch is sardines or a can of Vienna sausages, pickle, and a cheese stick
Dinner is generally low saturated fat, moderate piece of chicken or beef, and some sort of green such as salad, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower, sprinkled liberally with salt.

My blood pressure per my home sphygmomanometer is always in the normal range.

These diet changes are essentially increasing carbohydrates and decreasing saturated fat.

I am ready for the life insurance physical!  Then, it's  back to bacon and sausage and no bread.

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Re: Life insurance physical when on Keto? My dietary experiment.
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Lol I did a similar thing to get my car past the smog inspection!
We do not encourage any radio operations contrary to regulations.

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Re: Life insurance physical when on Keto? My dietary experiment.
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I'm a hyperresonder as well. My triglycerides are even lower (which is a good thing of course), at 48. Fortunately my doctor took the time to do some research after my last bloodwork, and came to the same results as me - it's not a problem, and probably a good thing, since a low TG/HDL ratio suggests a low risk of heart disease.  She did not even bring up statins  ;D

Take a look at this approach: https://cholesterolcode.com/extreme-cholesterol-drop-experiment/

And his results: https://cholesterolcode.com/infographic-of-prediction-experiment/

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