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Author Topic: April 2019 NDB logs.  (Read 2789 times)

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April 2019 NDB logs.
« on: April 28, 2019, 0537 UTC »
April has been a fair month for NDBing but I am still yet to break the 4,000km barrier this way, and not through the lack of trying, with the summer storm season over the noise level has decreased and thus I hope to achieve better distances.

The beacons logged around the best distances, I tend not to bother with anything under 2,000km unless it's an ATNO for me which are few and far between:

Australian loggings:                                                                                             New Zealand loggings:

383KHz  1934z  WLU   Wiluna, Western Australia 2,973kms 419 report.                   382KHz  1517z  WG    Wanganui NZ 2,325kms 519 report
326KHz  1933z  ESP    Esperance, Western Australia 2,619kms 519 report.              278KHz  0955z  WS    Westport NZ 2,081kms 529 report.
287KHz  1910z  KG     Kalgoorlie, Western Australia 2,722kms 529 report.               362KHz  1103z  WK    Whakatane NZ 2,467kms 529 report.
268KHz  1510z  FRT    Forrest, Western Australia 2,191kms 519 report.                   254KHz  1506z  WI     Waiku NZ 2,263kms 519 report.
356KHz  1155z  TN     Tindal, Northern Territory 2,785kms 529 report.                    326KHz  0941z  WR    Whangarei NZ 2,211kms 529 report.
311KHz  1310z  NTN   Normanton, North Queensland 1,933kms 529 report.             242KHz  1002z  PP     Paraparamu NZ 2,344kms 529 report.
240KHz  1510z  ABA   Albany Western Australia 2,962kms 519 report.                     346KHz  1057z  TG     Tauranga NZ 2,357kms 519 report.
364KHz  1546z  CS     Cairns, North Queensland 1,914kms 319-419 report.             230KHz  1123z  AP     Taupo NZ 2,343kms 419 report.
326KHz  1545z  CAR   Carnarvon, Western Australia 3,663kms 419 report.             366KHz  1328z  SF     Springfield NZ 2,130kms 529 report.
233KHz  1801z  AYE   Ayres Rock, Northern Territory 2,072kms 529 report.              254KHz  1123z  AS    Ashburton NZ 2,196kms 529 report.
260KHz  1025z  NF    Norfolk Island 1,965kms 569 report.                                      274KHz  1107z  GB    Great Barrier Island 2,320kms 319 report.
293KHz  1607z  CUN  Cunderin, Western Australia 3,085kms 319-419 report.           322KHz  1108z  CI     Chatham Island 3,142kms 519 report.
272KHz  1559z  TNK  Tennant Creek, Northern Territory 2,224kms 529 report.          238KHz  1022z  KT    Kaitaia NZ 2,128kms 559 report.
404KHz  1634z  COE  Coen, North Queensland 2,284kms 319 report.                       310KHz  1100z  HK    Hokitika NZ 2,081kms 569 report.
377KHz  1639z  WP    Weipa, North Queensland 2,466kms 519 report.                     390KHz  1137z  HN    Hamilton NZ 2,315kms 419-519 report.
251KHz  1639z  MEK  Meekatharra, Western Australia 3,143kms 419-519 report.
233KHz  1617z  NWN Newman, Western Australia 3,189kms 419-519 report.
260KHz  1535z  PD    Port Hedland, Western Australia 3,434kms 419-519 report.
242KHz  1530z  KOW Kowanyama, North Queensland 2,190kms 519 report.

A friend of mine in North Queensland has reported his first Indonesian (four logged) NDB's for this season so I hope the path extends further south over winter... ;)
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