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Author Topic: HF aviation logs April 2019  (Read 608 times)

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HF aviation logs April 2019
« on: May 01, 2019, 0738 UTC »

2.965MHz  USB  2014z  HSD Bangkok Volmet, Thailand with reports for Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysian airports. 5X9 plus 10dB over report.

3.425MHz  USB  1218z  Nadi Radio ATC, Fiji Islands ATC (RDARA 9-B) wkg Fiji-213 flight Tonga-Nadi, pos report & Selcal check, 5X9 report.
3.455MHz  USB  1423z  Tokyo Radio ATC, Japan (MWARA CP-1) wkg Korean-2?? (very weak) pos report & Selcal check, Tokyo 5X8 report.
3.467MHz  USB  2005z  Nadi Radio ATC, Fiji Islands (MWARA SP-6) calling "unidentified aircraft please call again?" 5X8 report.
3.467MHz  USB  1944z  Auckland Radio ATC, New Zealand (MWARA SP-6) wkg NZ-285 pos report & Selcal check plus Sigmet update. 5X9 report.
3.470MHz  USB  1903z  Colombo ATC, Sri Lanka, (MWARA INO-?) "India-7?? you are calling on the wrong sector frequency, please change." 5X6 report.

4.666MHz  USB  2002z  Tokyo Radio ATC, Japan (MWARA CP-1) working various aircraft, position reports & Selcal checks. 5X9 report.

5.505MHz  USB  0642z  EIP Shannon Radio, County Clare, Ireland (VEUR) with Volmet reports 5X2 report for 22,709kms via Long Path.
5.450MHz  USB  0642z  MKL St Eval, North Cornwall UK, with Volmet reports 5X2 report for 23,046kms via Long Path.
5.598MHz  USB  0650z  Santa Maria ATC, Azores Islands, (MWARA NAT-A) wkg various aircraft (very weak), Santa Maria 5X5 report for 19,457kms via Long Path.
5.628MHz  USB  0957z  Tokyo Radio ATC, Japan (MWARA NP-1) wkg Asiana-602 with Sigmet and altitude change, 5X8 report
6.556MHz  USB  2104z  Brisbane Centre ATC, Australia (MWARA SEA-3) wkg Mauritius-440, pos report and Selcal check, 5X7 report.
6.604MHz  USB  0857z  VFG Gander Radio, Newfoundland, Canada (VNAT) with long Volmet reports. 5X3 report.
6.617MHz  USB  2001z  RLAP Rostov-On-Don, Russia (VRUS) with Volmet reports in Russian, 5X2 report.
6.628MHz  USB  1939z  Santa Maria ATC, Azores Islands (MWARA NAT-E) , wkg various aircraft, pos reports & Selcal checks. 5X4 report, via Short Path.
6.628MHz  USB  0833z  New York Radio ATC, USA, (MWARA NAT-E) wkg N27165 position report TBPB (Barbados) 5X2 report with heavy fade downs.
6.676MHz  USB  2001z  AWB Mumbai Radio, India (VSEA) with Volmet notices for Colombo (Sri Lanka) and Male (Maldive Islands) plus Indian airports, robotic voice, 5X3 report.
6.754MHz  USB  0631z  CHR Quinte West (Trenton Military), Nova Scotia, Canada (MACS) with long Volmet report, barely readable 3X1 to 4X1 report at best.

8.828MHz  USB  0451z  ZKAK Auckland Volmet, New Zealand (VPAC) with Pacific airport reports, Cooks Islands, Tahiti, New Caledonia and Solomon Islands etc 5X6 report.

11.387MHz  USB  0101z  VKA-931 Australian Volmet, Australia (VSEA) with major Australian airport reports, 5X3 report.

13.282MHz  USB  0025z  ZKAK Auckland Volmet, New Zealand (VPAC), with Volmet reports for Honiara, Rarotonga, Noumea, Papeete etc, 5X5 report.
13.306MHz  USB  0558z  Brisbane Centre ATC, Australia (MWARA INO-1) wkg Velocity-594 with pos report & Selcal check 5X2 report.

Nothing heard to date from KVM-70 Honolulu Volmet, was supposed to have been reinstated during April 2019, likewise, nothing heard from WSY-70 New York Volmet to date.
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