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Author Topic: Dead Cat Radio 6950 USB w/ voiceovers  (Read 1424 times)

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Dead Cat Radio 6950 USB w/ voiceovers
« on: September 27, 2008, 0947 UTC »
Dead Cat Radio, 9/27/08, 0110-0150 UTC: Music and announcer with several feline-themed messages during and between songs.  Tom Petty, Kinks ("Apeman", "Father Christmas", "A Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy"), OM saying, during song, "TONIGHT THE CAT WANTS TUNA!  REMEMBER TO GIVE THE CAT TUNA!", later demanding Felix the Cat cartoons, "Lock the dog outside!"
0123z - Announcer says he's obligated to play song for a female fan to avoid her butcher knife, plays "Misty" (Clint Eastwood movie trivia).
0128z - Petula Clark "Downtown", freq suddenly shifted to 6950.2, like op accidentally nudged the VFO.
0130-0144z Stray Cats, back on 6950, REO Spudwagon, Proclaimers, Ted Nugent "Cat Scratch Fever"
0148z - Meow, canned DCR ID, live voice ID with OM giving out QSL address (cattus mortuus @ gmail dot com) and special request: "Please enclose three pieces of Pounce to cover postage."
0150z - SSTV, Scottie DX, stopped partway thru, restarted in Scottie 2 mode.  Image of saber tooth cat.
SINPO - 43132, good signal, fierce S9+ static crashes.  Music audio a bit thin, announcer voice at clearer level.
Edited audio clip, 6 minutes with announcer voice, "Misty", Proclaimers, Stray Cats, Nugent, closing ID and QSL info: http://www.mediafire.com/?1w3cbdvjhzm

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