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Author Topic: 6955 USB - RJI with simulcast of Area 51 for WBCQ 5110 kHz  (Read 2119 times)

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6955 USB - RJI with simulcast of Area 51 for WBCQ 5110 kHz
« on: September 29, 2008, 0827 UTC »
9/29/08, 0015-0058 UTC
6955 USB relay of Radio Jamba International Area 51 on 5110 AM WBCQ.  Slight delay of several seconds noted on 5110 compared with 6955.

0015-0028z: Kracker interviewing Commander Bunny about presidential campaign.
0028z: Concluded interview with Commander Bunny.  Kracker saying might be no more RJI shows on Area 51.  Audio clip of what sounded like TV presidential debate recorded with open room mic.  Into Peter Gabriel "Shock the Monkey"
0033z - Ren & Stimpy monkey song, other monkey-themed songs.  "This is Radio Jamba International" ID.
0035z - Simulcast continuing on 5110 and 6955.  Signal was generally stronger here in N. Central TX on 6955 USB, tho' with usual slight pitch variance on sideband.
SINPO - 43333
0047z - Grateful Dead, continuing with good signal peaks through heavy static crashes and some fading.
0050z - Trapt "Headstrong", Papa Roach "Last Resort", Kracker occasionally commenting over song, dissatisfied with handling of his RJI shows on Area 51, some conflict with "Cole" (Presumably "Big Steve Cole", Steve Coletti, host of "Different Kind of Oldies Show".)
0058z - Off after ID's.
SINPO - 34132, fierce static crashes now.
(N. Central TX - Palstar R30C, homebrewed indoor passive coax loop.)
20 minute audio clip with random selections from Commander Bunny interview and followup RJI show: http://www.mediafire.com/?dqkmimngzjz

Show notes
Regarding the Commander Bunny interview: Unfortunately, while Kracker's interview questions were clear, Commander Bunny's replies were mostly unintelligible on either 6955 or 5110 kHz.  Not sure if there was an audio problem, telephone connection problem or what, but it sounded more like Elmo than the Commander.

Latter half of show seemed to involve some disagreement about either time slot between RJI and Cole's show, or over RJI programming being screened and edited by Cole.  Kracker seemed to be indicating that he won't produce any more RJI shows for Area 51, at least until matter is resolved to his satisfaction.

Quotes from Kracker (per audio clip)

"This is probably gonna be the last Radio Jamba International on Area 51 for awhile, or on WBCQ for that matter, for awhile."

"Unlike some people I do not go back on my word ... (unintelligible due to static and fade) ... this is why I'm leaving ... I want to be on the weekends, there is no room ... (unintelligible due to static and fade) ... if the time slot does open up, open up on the weekend, I may return.  But until then, nah.  I'd rather be on the air when people are listening, man.  So enjoy listening to fat, pig, f**king Cole, okay?  That's right, you heard me.  I said fat, f**king pig Cole, on Sunday night, in (the? this?) time slot.

(Several seconds musical interlude.)

"Don't take that out of context.  I respect the hell out of John Lightning, I love him to death.  I respect everything he's done.

"But when it comes down to me submitting the f**king show to (fill? Phil?) for JL, after the (word unintelligible due to static and fade), I'm the only one (the? that?) fat pig decided, he deemed it fit, to have to edit my show, review my show, before it could be aired.  The only person to do a show, as (phrase unintelligible due to static and fade), okay?  And I've gotta be screened?  Nah.  It leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

"This is my official statement, and, Allan, I love you to death, John, I love you to death, Cos (presumably Cosmikdebris of Area 51 and FRN moderator), you too, you're all great guys.  Thank you very much for everything that you've done.  When you've dumped the dead weight, come back and talk to me, I'll still be here."

"See you on the f**king pirate bands, man."

"Goodnight, and goodbye, from Radio Jamba International."
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Re: 6955 USB - RJI with simulcast of Area 51 for WBCQ 5110 kHz
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2008, 1614 UTC »
Thank you for the transcription - these are interesting times in pirate radio...
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