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Author Topic: Toynbee Radio 6925 USB w/ QRM from WPON and other.  (Read 1560 times)

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Toynbee Radio 6925 USB w/ QRM from WPON and other.
« on: October 05, 2008, 0248 UTC »
10/4/08, 6925 USB, Toynbee Radio
0040-0101 UTC: Intermittent, brief transmissions from Toynbee Radio, man reading from tiles and adding other commentary referring to "six-nine-two-five" and others monitoring him? At least two, possibly three other stations audible: OM counting, then music, apparently air check for WPON which followed Toynbee; computerized "child" voice referring to Toynbee Radio ("Mommy, I'm scared", etc.), slightly off pitch as if tuned to 6925.1/.2; AM carrier hum without audible modulation, 6925.3 approx (possibly Liquid Radio?).
0130z - Toynbee Radio again, recitation on top of WPON already in progress (see other log).
(N. Central TX - Palstar R30C, fugly homebrewed indoor coax loop.)

Brief audio clips of Toynbee, clearest I've copied so far:

Note: Some overlap between WPON and Toynbee Radio heard between 0050-0100 UTC, apparently unintentional as WPON was doing air check; and again at 0129 UTC, with brief Toynbee Radio recitation.  Unclear whether each station was not aware of the other.  This was clearly not the same station playing both programs, per others listeners around country.  Also, no Toynbee overlap was heard during the 0205-0305z rebroadcast of WPON.

Program notes

Earlier Toynbee Radio shows appeared to recite verbatim from text of tiles, per online info.  Now he seems to be either varying the readings slightly, or reciting from less well documented tiles.

Toynbee Radio announcer: "...man down the road ... by (the? next?) door ... men who watch me ... every day ... I (see?) to the (block?) ... I see you watch me ... you (now? don't?) listen to me on six point ... two five ... megacycles ... although I (have tried? am trying?) for a year ... you stop (it? me?) ... Toynbee Radio."

Other station, presumably WPON: "...test, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...", repeated several seconds later, overlap with "Toynbee Radio" ID.

Several moments later, apparent computer generated child's voice saying "...mommy, I heard that scary man again...", slightly off pitch, possibly closer to 6925.2 kHz USB.  Toynbee Radio barely audible in background.

Clearly audible: "The names of men must be released to protect them.  I will do so soon.  Toynbee Radio."

Then a minute of barely audible voice from Toynbee Radio.

Child's voice: "...stay away from that scary man."

Several minutes later, child's voice: "...I put my radio box under my bed..."

Another long pause before Toynbee resumed...

"...six point two five megacycles ... no one has responded ... (so I know?) the man down the street ... at the time he had the man with the colored hair ... next door, listened to my every move.  Toynbee Radio."

"The have been monitoring me, and I have been monitoring them since 1983.  Toynbee Radio."

"And today we are in a standoff, a standoff I will win again.  Toynbee Radio."

"They do not know of the tiles.  And so I implore you to make and glue tiles.  As you have (been? them?) (are? on?) and (front?) are (against? again?).  Toynbee Radio."

"I am but one man, and when I caught a fatal disease they gloated over its death.  And so I must go.  Toynbee Radio."  (Recitation heard as WPON began transmitting song with lyrics "Shouldn't have pissed me off" ironically appropriate for this unintentional overlap.)  (A variation of the tile that reads: I'M ONLY ONE MAN AND WHEN I CAUGHT A FATAL DISEASE THEY GLOATED OVER ITS DEATH. THAT'S WHEN I BEGGED THEM NOT TO DESTROY IT. THANK YOU AND GOODBYE.)
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