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Author Topic: 11 meters is active 2045 UTC 10 July 2019  (Read 1850 times)

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11 meters is active 2045 UTC 10 July 2019
« on: July 10, 2019, 2058 UTC »
Via COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR, from 2045 UTC to 2055 UTC (1645 to 1655 local time)

26.065 MHz AM - two OMs talking, "nearing 100 mile there" "closer to the city" - sound like truckers, southern accents
26.105 MHz AM - similar traffic to traffic heard the other day, truckers or similar traffic
26.405 MHz AM - weak AM carriers fading in and out
26.565 MHz AM - OM doing radio checks
26.775 MHz AM - southern-accented OMs
26.885 MHz AM - similar to 26.915 MHz AM, heard the frequency referred to as "885"
26.905 MHz AM - central US stations heard, Illinois mentioned
26.915 MHz AM - very busy, several stations talking at once, heard a station ID'ed as "Jailbird"

not all 40 legal CB channels were active, the usual AM and SSB activity centers were busy, including 27.385 LSB

27.465 MHz LSB - active with DXing stations, general rag-chewing
27.575 MHz AM - "you going down to where? 700?" "you must have lots of spray"

Not as busy as it was yesterday, but still a considerable amount of DX rolling in this afternoon

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